I have nothing against Kate. I am sure that she is nice, that she is a good wife, a good daughter, a good person, and of course, a great mother. But I do have a problem with her being held up as an ideal of exemplary womanhood, a wonderful role model for our daughters, an antidote to the Kim Kardashians of the world.

Because this outpouring of adoration is for a woman whose job description is basically:

“Be pretty.”

“Be thin.”

“Have some babies.”

“Don’t rock the boat.”

History is littered with cautionary tales of women who did not follow the above script. One word in particular springs to mind: Fergie.

I know, I know, the royals have learned so many lessons since the Diana-Fergie days. Kate and Wills, the story goes, are a love match. I’m sure they are, but it was a love match for which a woman had to to sacrifice her freedom, her youth, her independence and, many would argue, her personality. To marry the man of her dreams, she had to change who she was, give up her privacy, paid employment, ensure her 20s were entirely scandal-free and lose half her body weight. This is not something I would wish for my daughter.

And that’s why Duchess Kate is dangerous for our daughters. She has revived the idea that women being defined by who they marry is a positive life choice.

So I’m sorry people, she’s not just like you. And I don’t want my daughter to be like her. (via lolitas-den)

I dont have kids but I thought the full article and accompanying comments were an interesting read.

If only our fandom wasn’t crazy because we could actually discuss this and how its basically the heart of today’s feminist debate.

Personally when it comes to the BRF and feminism my first gripe is bring back the Yorks followed by proper titles if you marry in followed by gender free succession rights!

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I understand the theory behind this, but what this article fails to take into consideration is that part of being a woman should be recognizing that not every woman has to have a gigantic voice and do whatever she wants to be someone to look up to. Some women would do all the things Kate has done to be with the man she loves. And that’s okay. Because it was her decision to do that. And as a woman, it should be respected that she made that decision for herself. That’s what admirable. She knew what she was getting into (unlike William’s own mother) and she still stepped into it. That takes guts…huge freaking guts.

In the engagement interview, William himself said that part of the reason they waited so long was so that she had a chance to get out if she wanted to. He gave her the option and she chose to marry him and to accept the life. 

I would be proud of my daughter if she showed as much strength of character, as much resiliency as Kate has through the years. Being able to withstand the amount of hate and ruthless stalking by the media that she has within the last ten years is something I would never be able to do. 

Just because she isn’t out there rocking the boat, doesn’t mean she isn’t a strong woman that shouldn’t be admired.

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The problem is not that she is not “rocking the boat” it’s that she is not doing anything, not having any voice, besides being a stepford wife with a title.

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 ”Rocking the boat” is not in her agenda.Because you can never know the consequences of rocking (they can be domestic as well as non-domestic).

So ”hear all” ”see all” ”say nothing” are safer practices.

Besides people’s opinion is so volatile.They easily turn against those once fawned on.

So I understand her stance.

But the ”power” the two of them have , due to their appeal  to a large part of the public, is so valuable  and it’s a pitty that they seem to be so idle.They could work miracles!

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I honestly do not understand all the William and Kate hate. 

really I think those that are not her fans are pretty self explanatory. 

Work more and act professionally 

Where is the confusion?

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Anonymous asked: "So far all we have are cute pics of George and Kate's new wardrobe." This was from an anon, not you, but people are choosing to ignore the good Kate and William have done to justify their views. They've visited a war memorial, met politicians, done an investiture (William), visited military bases, been to a hospice (Kate), tried out NZ's most famous exports/sports, and met families of those lost in the Christchurch earthquake.



William has met politicians, Kate has not. 

Bases? more like base. 

The amount of time they spend tasting wine, riding boats and resting vs meeting people is not even close. They are spending more.time at the fun activities than the official ones. On top.that they added three days of rest.In a two-week tour.

Now I know what puzzles  me whenever I see them during public engagements: They seem to get more than they ”offer” as if everything is made for their entertainment.The sad thing is that indeed ”everything is made for their entertainment and publicity, mainly!”And because they have not produced any significant body of work so far it looks to me that all this is a bit far-fetched and not so deserved (?).I mean it’s just because of their title , and also because they are a good spectacle?

On the other hand, imagine the ”promotion power” they have.And how they could take good advantage of it by  focusing seriously  on  important humanitarian aspects!All it takes is their determination.