requested: Diamond Jubilee Tour Recap ◆ Jamaica ◆ March 6-8, 2012.

“We are in love with him.  He’s a wonderful person, such a beautiful person.”Portia Simpson Miller, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, speaking about Prince Harry.


Laughlin, Gus and Harry discuss LEGO at the WellChild awards.

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Laughlin chose his outfit, himself, for the Wellchild 2014 awards last Monday about 3 months ago. When he was, in fact, a well child. He said he was modelling himself on Pharell Williams in the ‘Happy’ video, and was quite specific about the look he…

I liked the questions.What a sweet little boy!

Anonymous asked: i just watched the "harry at 30" documentary and i kind of feel so proud of him. bringing up sentebale with seeiso, the incredible successful tours he had and now what he achieved with the invictus games. i often wonder why will tends to make snarky remarks towards him, sure part of it is teasing but i think deep down he wished he had created something like that as well. when i think of harry all these things come to my mind, when i think of will it is basically "just" kate and george


Yeah part of it is likely jealously because he wants to have done that, he wants to have achieved all that Harry has but he does not realize he has to work for that. Harry has worked for all he has, William does not want to work for anything so cannot achieve even part of what Harry has. 

Anonymous asked: I think my problem is that you say you want the Cambridges to do well and then you don't acknowledge when they actually do do well. Like William. He took on Kate's tour at the last second, which he didn't have to do. And he did a good job. He handled himself well, didn't do anything embarrassing, and met many high profile people. But I barely see a mention on your blog about it. It's just the usual "William doesn't work, he doesn't care, he's arrogant" etc etc




Oh I am sorry did you want a review of his trip that he did have to take? 

OK, he walked, talked, did a speech, went home. I am sorry what more do you want?

I have sound countless times I don’t praise people for doing the bare minimum or the basic expected. 

William covered for his wife, that is expected, he is her husband, that is what married couples too. So wahoo! William did what was expected. 

William did not make a fool of himself, so yeah congratulations to the 30 something man that behaved for 24hrs hours. 

Look I know this will come off mean but really, why do certain Anons and blogs want a parade for a nearly middle aged couple when they does less than the bare minimum. 

It seems we in the fandom have to cheer each time Kate can dress herself, each time she can be bothered to turn up for an hour on average once a month. We have to praise a man when he actually goes out and deems something important enough to turn up for. 

I have to throw a parade when they do something right, I mean seriously? 

You want me to take time out of blogging what I like to say “Congratulations William, you covered for your Wife as what is expected and needed (he did not have a choice lets not go overboard on that it had to be him) and you managed to not cause a diplomatic incident which for a 32 year old man who has been doing duties all your life I know is a great achievement. I am so proud of you for being able to make small talk for a day and give a speech and not insult anyone. Really what more could we ever ask for of a 32 year old man” 

So yeah, there I have commented, reviewed on something I have not discussed on this blog because a) I found his trip boring b) I was not interested c) more interesting things to talk of d) the world does not revolve around William and Kate and e) again seriously I have to do a song and dance whenever they can be bothered to do something and can do it well.

Really are we not past cheering to 30’s somethings for doing the basics. I thought we were past praising them for things like that. Are we still at when Kate got headlines for changing her dress from Trooping to a wedding and papers were asking how she did it (change a dress, I repeat we got headlines saying how can she change a dress in just a few hours!) as seriously Anon that is what you are really getting at here. This is the same thing, you want me to commend a man for covering for his Wife and not insulting anyone. A 32 year old man who has been doing this job in one form or another since he was EIGHT and the trip was only 24hrs. If he can’t behave and do his job for 24hrs after nearly 30 years then quite frankly it is pathetic. 

I will praise them when they do more, be more, excel and not just manage to do the basics. I expect more from William and Kate then less than the bare minimum and expected. I comment when Kate dresses nice, I comment when she seems more at ease or something but there will never be a parade for them simply not causing a diplomatic incident in a 24hr period, isn’t that expected? 

The fact you want me to commend them for that is actually insulting to them. Don’t you expect more of them? I find the praising of them for so little insulting to them. 

We have men and woman nearly half their age working 40hrs plus every week, juggling bills, homes, children without any help, ‘normal’ men and woman do this every week and yet people here do a song and dance when a 30 something works for less than a day once a month on average, when a woman can dress to not show here behind, when a man can take time out of him doing nothing to cover for his wife 

The bar really is set low with these two. 

But anyway yeah I found his day in Malta boring so did not comment as there are more interesting things to talk about, sorry. 

Rachel……. :)


Wow that is a little forward! haha.
That post turned out a little long huh?
But a subject I feel strongly on if you could not tell.
I just think it is insulting to everyone to praise a 32 year old man for turning up which is pretty much what was being asked.

Prince William and Prince Harry attend the wedding of close friend Victoria Inskip to Robert Davies-Jones at Malmesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire.

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Passive-aggressive Tanna strikes again.

What did he say this time?